Omegaa Labs conducts trainings in various fields :
  • Instrumental
  • Water testing
  • Food testing
  • Microbiological testing
  • Biotechnology
  • Quality management systems
Omegaa Labs intends to share its knowledge and provide the opportunities to professionals, upcoming students and future scientists, to avail practical experience and theoretical background in various sectors by offering technical courses and conducting periodic trainings to suit the industry demands and bring value addition to the candidates' capacities.
Omegaa Labs assists customers from different industries of the country in training their technical personnel. With its team of dedicated scientists, Omegaa Labs is a nationally respected center for training and excellence in practical performance of tests which directly contribute to improve analytical capabilities of its clients.
Omegaa Labs is successfully conducting training courses. Various professionals and students have been benefited by our training programs related to food technology, biotechnology, analytical instrumentation, Quality Systems and other sectors where trained professionals have provided valuable trainings relevant to the trends of contemporary industry.
Agriculture Services
Omegaa Labs offers a wide range of chemical...
Feed & Feed Raw
Specialists of chemical & microbiological...
Sago & Starch
Analysis of all types of Sago and Starch...
Water Analyses
Packaged Drinking water as per IS per 14543...
Food Products
Microbiological and physical analysis of food....
Mycotoxin Services
Mycotoxins contaminate the wide variety of food ...
Microbiology Services
Feed, Feed Raw materials, Food, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Water...
Environment Analyses
Ambient Air Quality Testing...

R & D
Research & Development (R&D) is a continuous improvement process...
Omegaa Labs conducts trainings in various fields...
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