Dear Valued Customer,
At the outset, I would like to thank you for all your support and trust you have shown in us.
Started in 2004, Omegaa Laboratories has established itself in the fields of Analytical Testing and Research works. With a rapid growth, Omegaa Labs is considered to be among The Best Laboratories of the Country, where its name has become synonymous with words like Trust, Quality, Acceptance and Reliability.
Omegaa Labs thirst to venture into new fields has opened where it has excelled itself and today, is in a position to conduct detailed Analytical Testing, Instrumental Analysis and Research activities on world's most sophisticated instruments installed in its premises spread over 10,000 square feets.
Omegaa Labs is committed to quality for all functional disciplines and the maintenance of management system at all stages of laboratory. Our Quality assurance systems are designed on well recognized scientific principles, quality standards, well trained staffs and advanced instrumentations, controlled precisely and monitored closely to generate accurate, reliable, reproducible and dependable results.
This has been a dream Entrepreneurial Venture to serve people. Living beings survive on food, itís been people dream to retrieve virgin clean environment ever since Industrial Revolution. Clean Water, Food, Safe Food, Quality Food, Nutritious Food, Clean Air, Controlled Emission, Controlled Discharge, Safe Waste Disposal has been the Endeavour of all Regulatory & Government agencies at International & National Level among other Public, Private Agencies, Organizations etc. This had gained immense attention through the later decades of 20th Century, and has lost no momentum in the 21st Century.
This dream entrepreneurial venture shall follow stringent National, International Standards in all Chemical and Microbiological Testing Services of Water, Feed, Feed Raw Materials, Food, Food Products, Agricultural Products & Environment, thereby, contribute in part semblance towards achieving National, Global objective of Safe Quality Food & Environment through testing services such as Water, Feed, Feed Raw Materials, Food, Food Products Testing, Agricultural Products Testing and Environmental Testing Services etc.
Omegaa Labs is also study centre and is successfully conducting training courses. Various professionals and students have been benefited by our training programs related to food technology, biotechnology, analytical instrumentation, Quality Systems and other sectors where trained professionals have provided valuable trainings relevant to the trends of contemporary industry.
Our highly qualified, trained, experienced and dedicated team of technocrats has instilled highest level of confidence in our clients. Our objective of total customer satisfaction is achieved through reliable, acceptable, accurate and consistent services.
I personally thank you, for being a part of our growth. We value your patronage.
If you have a thought to share do write to me directly at
Warm personal regards,
Founder & Managing Director, Omegaa Laboratories
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